Class of 2020!

I was taken aback when I saw this sign. 2020, how could that be?

That the sign itself looks like a 1920s Art Deco leftover adds to my nostalgic feeling of time passing by. This is compounded by the Riviera box office and the preserved entrance to Silver’s Five and Dime on the same block of King Street.



This class of students will see changes in all facets of their lives over the next four years. Locally, one aspect of this is pointed out by the construction cranes that dot the Charleston peninsula, like this one just a block away from the Welcome sign.


Four years will fly by; we should check back in May of 2020 and tally what we all hope will be a net gain towards progress.


In the mean-time, the C of C’s Sottile Theater is ready to get this year started.

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Edge of a Mill Pond

The resident birds of an old mill pond in Maine that we discovered by accident entertained us along with their human neighbor who stopped by nightly as part of his evening ambulation.

A pair of Canada Geese patrolled the shore.


A Gull that seemed to be having fun playing in the water, back and forth near the dam’s edge.


A surprisingly peaceful Canada Goose vs Mallard interaction.


Near Freeport, Maine, May 2016.

I’ll Ignore You…

Sharing the shallow edge of the Cooper River in the shadow of Charleston’s Ravenel Bridge these two waders patiently ignored each other as they went about their business.


The Snowy Egret was intent on personal grooming and the Tricolored Heron was in search of dinner.


They ignored the noise of a live concert happening at the adjacent Waterfront Park and a small airplane practicing banking over the river as well.


The Tricolored Heron finally moved along, flapping his wings in the late afternoon sun.


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