Pair of White Ibis

White Ibis Pair

This pair of White Ibis were sitting quietly in a tree when I came upon them at the pond last week, beaks tucked in and one blue eye showing. A pair of Great Blue Herons are making a nest just above this limb and I was surprised the Ibis weren’t driven away in a territory dispute.

Pair of White Ibis
Pair of White Ibis

One was a little more alert, perhaps the lookout or maybe ready to move on. It was a gray day showing off the colors of the mossy tree.

Pair of White Ibis
Pair of White Ibis

I walked passed the tree and the Ibis pair put some space between them. From this angle around the corner you can see how close the Great Blue Heron from the tier above was to the Ibis.

Pair of White Ibis
Pair of White Ibis and a Great Blue Heron

Click on any photo for larger view.

Taken 12/26/2017.

4 thoughts on “White Ibis Pair”

    1. I was pleasantly surprised at the affect of the light. My eyeglasses are of the photogrey type, that get darker in the sun and on grey days I don’t always see a true representation of the light.
      I have suspected that many birds rely on another to pick a good spot…if he is there, perhaps I should be, too! Then they poke at each other. Always interesting.

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