Great Blue Heron Hunting

Step, Step, Watch: GBH Looking for Lunch

I stopped to watch this Great Blue Heron hunting in the marshy area just off the rookery, hoping for some action images. He was quite close to the edge, there were no reeds between us to interfere, and the sun was providing nice light on the patch of marsh. All we needed was the food component.

The Heron worked deliberately and slowly from left to right, intently watching for movement, but found nothing worth nabbing.

Great Blue Heron Hunting
Great Blue Heron Hunting

Keeping one eye on him, my attention wandered. Still nothing. After about a half hour I moved on. I wondered if he should, too.

Great Blue Heron Hunting
Great Blue Heron Hunting

4 thoughts on “Step, Step, Watch: GBH Looking for Lunch”

  1. A wonderful thing about wildlife, they have no clocks.
    The heron has all day, and tomorrow, and the day after, and so on.
    Half an hour? Pfft!
    I once watched a heron on a pond, waiting for it to strike at the water.
    It stood frozen like a tree the entire time. Not a flinch.
    I don’t know how long I waited, but being an animal harassed by clocks, I too, eventually had to move on.
    Nice shooting!


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