Metal Stage Coach with Six Horse Team

Roadside Art

I saw the mailbox first. And then the chair. Ted was driving and we passed by at a steady clip on a main road. “We have to turn around!” After making two U-turns to get back in front of the property there was a wide enough berm to just get the car off the road. I took these out the window as Ted focused on us not getting rear-ended.

Iron Horse Mail Box, and Chair
Metal Horse Mail Box, and Chair

There was an awful lot going on across this lawn, with art works created from a wide variety of materials. The Bike-a-mowers were especially imaginative and I wondered if they were ever pressed into service to keep the grass neat.


Metal cutouts of Longhorn and Bison dotted the lawn. I wouldn’t be surprised to know there were more animals that I didn’t even see.

Bike-a-mowers, Tractor and Bison
Bike-a-mowers, Tractor and Bison

Some of the items, like the tractor behind the bikes, seemed more like abandoned junk than art. But who knows?

Bike-a-mowers and Tractor
Bike-a-mowers and Tractor

The last scene before the end of the property is the stage coach and six horse team at full tilt. Some of the finer details, including the load on top and the harness, have been weather worn, but you can imagine yourself in the scene of an old western movie looking for John Wayne.

Metal Stage Coach with Six Horse Team
Metal Stage Coach with Six Horse Team – zoom in to see some more details

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