Twig against the sky, a dangling unknown

A Leaf, A Nest? What Is It?

When I took these photographs I thought these were dried leaves in an arty configuration. On closer inspection at home, I think there may be more to it as they are too precisely shaped.

Twig against the sky, two dangling unknowns
Twig against the sky, two dangling unknowns

Here’s a slightly closer view. It was quite breezy that day which may be why I didn’t get a closeup shot

Twig against the sky, a dangling unknown
Twig against the sky, a dangling unknown

I’m hoping to return to this spot soon, and to remember to look. If I do and they are there I’ll follow up.

Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, SC
February 3, 2012

12 thoughts on “A Leaf, A Nest? What Is It?”

    1. Wow, yes that sure looks the same, Mike, and cocoon is a more likely choice. Googling “bagworm” I see lots of similar looking structures. Per Wikipedia “The bagworm family is fairly small, with about 1,350 species described” so bagworm may be all we ever know about it!

      That was something for you to happen upon that clawed caterpillar sticking his head out. Maybe I don’t want to know more about the contents… 😮

      1. Thanks for the research, Liz. I have always been fascinated by creatures that undergo a complete metamorphosis and turn into something completely different, like butterflies and dragonflies and moths.

    1. It’s incredibly intricate, and I can imagine seeing it get made would be quite something.

      I think Mike Powell is on the right track with his comment about it being a bagworm. which I’ve found out covers a lot of territory with over 1300 species. Who knows, I might be there when the creature ventures out.

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