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McLeod Plantation

McLeod Plantation dates to 1851 when enslaved men and women constructed a house and started cultivating sea island cotton. The 37 acres that remain of the original property is owned and preserved by Charleston County, telling stories of some of the people that lived there over a nearly 150 year span.

McLeod Plantation Family Home
McLeod Plantation – Family Home – click on photo for larger view

The photo below is the original front of the house, with a wide veranda and room for rocking chairs. The fancy columns and tree lined entrance seen above were added in 1926 so that the house would present an opulent face to Country Club Drive, where the “in” Charlestonians were heading to play golf.

McLeod Plantation Family Home
McLeod Plantation Family Home – click on photo for larger view

A Pastel Street

The historic residential areas of Beaufort, SC have many jewels of architectural delight. The sizes range from mansions to what are now called “tiny homes.”

On some streets, the neighboring houses complement each other like this row of pastel pink, blue and yellow homes, all exquisitely decorated including the color of the porch ceilings.

A pastel street in Beaufort
A pastel street in Beaufort

The white trim and the stained glass in the front door are perfect accents adding to this home’s charm.

A pastel street in Beaufort
Front porrch in Beaufort


Mysterious Water

The pond surface made beautiful reflections of the cypress trees.

Reflection of Cypress Trunk in Pond
Reflection of Cypress Trunk in Pond

The pond appeared quiet but there are many mysteries beneath the water. Frogs, bugs of all sorts, small fish and even an alligator can be seen here.

Reflection of Cypress Trees in Pond
Reflection of Cypress Trees in Pond

There is a small bench if you want to sit a spell but the mosquitoes and no-see-ums are hungry this time of year.

Cloud Layers

“Stop the car!” As we approached Middleton Place the storm clouds were blowing away and fresh fluffy clouds were rolling in at a lower level over the plantation house.

Clouds Over Middleton Plantation
Clouds Over Middleton Plantation – click photo for larger view

There weren’t any people or animals in view to add or subtract from the scene in the few moments we were able to stay parked in the entrance. I would have liked the horse drawn carriage to pass by, but it wasn’t to be.

Middleton Place, SC 5/5/2017.

Not in Kansas, Either

The swirling of the clouds reminded me of the beginning of the movie Wizard of Oz when Dorothy was still in Kansas. It was more than a little eerie and cause to review our storm plan.

Swirling Storm Clouds – click for larger view.

A flock of Canada Geese made their way to safety, honking and trying in vain to get into a tidy V.

Canada Geese Flying in Storm – click for larger view.

It was oddly calm on the ground and we were fortunate that the system passed with no damage.

Summerville, SC 03/31/2017