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Marsh Variety

On a return trip to the Audubon Garden at Magnolia Plantation I was able to focus more on the non-heron activity. Their nesting activity was still amazing to watch, but these birds also caught my eye.


A number of Blue-winged Teals were zipping about, mostly ignoring the Red-Shouldered Hawks watching from the trees.


This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was one of a variety of elusive small birds darting through the thick underbrush.


On this visit the only Woodpecker I saw was this Red-bellied, nicely offset by the Spanish Moss.


Peregrine Falcon

Another set of photos from a flying demonstration at The Center for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, SC. I got some practice shooting a very fast bird with dismal results. The bird was perched on his handler’s gloved hand in the photo above.

This shot is of the bird working to gain altitude; he was moving pretty fast, but nothing like when he dove.


This is after it was over, the falcon safely on the ground with his “catch” that had been swung by his handler. He was keenly aware of the vultures circling overhead, wondering if he had something to share.


Another shot after the falcon returned to the handler. The wire is from a radio transmitter, not a tether to the handler.


Red-tailed Hawk

These photos are from a flying demonstration at The Center for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, SC. The wire from the bird’s back in the photo above is from a radio transmitter that will help the staff locate the bird should he take an “unauthorized” trip.

Front view, the bird landed behind me to pick up a lost piece of his meal. 

The yellow pigmentation in the beak and feet is exaggerated due to the bird’s diet which is somewhat different than it would be in the wild.



It was great to see the bird close up, but nothing matches seeing him in flight, his red tail in full view.