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Too Many to Count

One Roseate Spoonbill perched in a tree above a pond full of Alligators. I stopped counting at 60 and I’m sure there were more hidden in the reeds and along the banks.


From a distance the alligators looked like logs bobbing in the pond. Most of them didn’t move much but make no mistake they were alive.


Don’t fall in!

Donnelly Wildlife Management Area, Colleton County, South Carolina, 11/25/2016.

American White Pelican and Friends

This group of four American White Pelicans swam round and round for over a half hour, occasionally using their bills to scoop food.


They seemed oblivious to the alligators floating nearby, but did mostly stay in a tight group, perhaps for safety. The reptiles were not moving much and were clustered near shore. It was hard to see how deep the water might have been and how that might have affected both the birds’ and the alligators’ movements.


I was hoping the Pelicans would display their flight skills, but they just continued round and round, eventually disappearing beyond the bend in the pond.


Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, 11/25/2016.