Barred Owl

Barred Owl Pair Getting Lunch

The first Barred Owl from my previous post appeared to be just hanging out on a limb above a small pond, maybe nodding off.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl

All the while he was watching the water below. He dropped down and out of my sight. I circled around the pond to discover the Owl posing nicely at the base of a Cypress tree. I didn’t see the frog until I was developing the images.

Barred Owl with Frog Lunch
Barred Owl with Frog Lunch

The presence of the frog explained the behavior of the mate, who had moved to a branch above, hunched over watching, and was making clucking noises. After a few minutes of this they flew off together, I hope to share the frog.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl

10 thoughts on “Barred Owl Pair Getting Lunch”

  1. Wonderful shots, Ellen. If I am lucky enough to see an owl, it is generally in dim light and hidden by branches high in a tree. I love that you were able to capture such a beautiful image in good light and with such a nice background.

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