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Powdery Alligator-flag and Friend

I spotted what I now know is a frond of Powdery Alligator-flag (Thalia dealbata) on a walk around the swamp last week. I took a few photographs because of the interesting color and texture. If I had seen the green insect at the time, possibly a member of the katydid family, I would have maneuvered closer for some additional shots.

Powdery alligator-flag and friend
Powdery alligator-flag and friend – click on photo for larger view

I had revisited this plant after my May post with a visiting bee and continued to find it unremarkable throughout the summer. Evidently insects find it more attractive.

Nature’s Beauty

There is not much going on at the marsh areas we visit. The summer heat if full force and nesting / family rearing season for the birds that breed here has ended.

A  Sunflower and a Turkey Vulture were my best photographs of the day. The Sunflower in a  field planted by the Wildlife Management Service was hosting a bee.

Sunflower and a Bee – click on photo for larger view

The Turkey Vulture had been working on road kill clean up duty and circled around as we passed by. Masters of wind currents they are beautiful in flight, if not at all glamorous close up. Even on this short flight his turning skill into the pine tree was impressive.

Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture  – click on photo for larger view



Study of a Rose

The world is full of roses: gardens, paintings, songs, poems…the list is endless.

Red Rose
Red Rose

This rose was a gift from Gerald’s, the tire place.

Red Rose
Red Rose

Gerald’s is a  business that is all about customer service, including this token of their appreciation, left on the seat of your car. Add marketing to the rose’s achievement list.

Red Rose
Red Rose

A Yellow Fur Jacket

I don’t know the plant or the insect.  Rather pretty up close, the insect has a furry looking yellow jacket, but is not what I think of as a “Yellow Jacket.” The small flowers are on tall stalks growing in standing water at the edge of a swampy area.

Bee on a Flower
Bee on a Flower – click photo for larger view

The insect must have been getting some nourishment satisfaction or good taste because he kept at it, going round and round the plant.

Bee on a Flower
Bee on a Flower – click photo for larger view

Except for the purple highlights on the leaves, the plant is not particularly attractive to look at. I should go back in a week or so and see what it might have transformed into.

Bee on a Flower
Bee on a Flower showing a shiny “bald” spot between his wings- click photo for larger view

A Dash of Color

Iris in all sorts of colors are thriving around the swamp where I photograph the wading birds. This is some distance from the cultivated gardens and I’ve wondered if they were planted intentionally or just happened via a happy accident. Regardless, its a nice surprise to happen upon them.

Purple iris
White iris with yellow accent
Deep purple iris with yellow accent
Iris with cob web strands

Popping Poppies

We had just had a hard late season frost so I was quite surprised to see these brilliant poppies in full bloom along my path.

The blooms were dancing in a light breeze, the full sun highlighting the colors.

A bee filled his pollen sacks with seemingly little effort, gliding around in the flower cup.

It was worth the stop and delay in getting to my destination.