Great Egret Chicks

Nesting Season Winding Down

The Great Blue Herons have all fledged and have mostly left the rookery area. A few later starting Great Egrets chicks are still around, but they have grown to almost adult size and won’t be around much longer.

This pair looks a little goofy as they look around on a hot day.

Great Egret Chicks
Great Egret chick pair breathing heavy in the heat

Some of the Great Egret chicks are showing a lot of interest in the world beyond their nest and they have spread out into the space vacated by the Great Blue Heron chick.

Tree Full of Great Egret Chicks
Tree Full of Great Egret chicks

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  1. They two young ones are quit cute with the little plumes on their head and tree was just large enough for the whole flock. Great photographs Ellen!

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