5 thoughts on “Good Morning, Common Yellowthroat”

  1. What a cute little bird, Ellen. I hope you are sending some of them my way. We should soon see some Pine and Palm Warblers and other warblers should be coming after them. Some of the trees are already budding and soon the foliage will make it hard for me to spot these little guys.

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    1. He is, Mike. We are starting to see a few more warblers so they won’t be long coming to you. Many leaves on the early trees here are fully out, almost over night. Those leaves are a double edged sword, but I must say I was getting tired of all the brown and silvery tree limbs.


      1. That’s good news about the warblers. The buds right now are a good compromise–they add some color and variety to the trees without hiding as much as the leaves that will come later.

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