Striped Wing Dragonfly

The combination of the sun light and the distance from the perches to the background shows off this dragonfly’s striped wings quite nicely.


I don’t remember seeing this type of dragonfly before; but recognize the “return to the same spot” behavior I’ve seen in others.


He left and re-lit on this grain stalk multiple times while I watched.


5/19/2019 Mepkin Abbey

10 thoughts on “Striped Wing Dragonfly”

  1. Beautiful shots, Ellen, of what looks to be a Halloween Pennant dragonfly. Like other pennant dragonflies, Halloween Pennants like to perch on the tip of the vegetation, which helps when you are trying to isolate them for shots, unlike some of the other species that will perch on the ground.

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    1. Thanks, Mike, and thanks for the ID. These were taken at a Labyrinth created with wildflowers and grasses. The curving path allowed me to move easily and get different angles.


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