Juvenile Armadillo

Juvenile Armadillo

I wasn’t that surprised to spot this juvenile Armadillo as Ted had just seen an adult in the nearby woods. I was surprised that he didn’t run or jump. He didn’t even seem to know or care that I was there. Not that I was making that much noise but wild things tend to know we are there way before we know they are.

Juvenile Armadillo
Juvenile Armadillo

I watched him as he industriously rooted around in the soft ground hoping to get a full body view. The pine cone in the next image was of standard size, maybe six or seven inches (15 – 20 cm), giving a sense of his size.

Juvenile Armadillo
Juvenile Armadillo

Armadillos have poor eyesight and this little one never lifted his head to have a look around, just kept on digging and rooting for lunch.

Juvenile Armadillo
Juvenile Armadillo

6 thoughts on “Juvenile Armadillo”

  1. Some animals are unconcerned with the presence of humans.
    Star-nosed moles will let you pick them up and they don’t seem to care much. (Perhaps I shouldn’t recommend it to everyone, they are still wild animals and could bite.)
    Nice pics of an adorable little creature.


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