Three Church Spires, Charleston

Charleston Churches on a Stormy Afternoon

Charleston, SC, is known for its abundance of churches and is sometimes referred to as the “Holy City.” The spires of this trio can be seen from a bird’s eye perspective from one of the parking garage rooftops.

Three Church Spires, Charleston
Three Church Spires, Charleston: Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Unitarian Church

The Unitarian Church is topped by a rooster weather vane, which had a summer storm to observe the afternoon I was there.

Unitarian Church, Charleston
Unitarian Church, Charleston

7 thoughts on “Charleston Churches on a Stormy Afternoon”

  1. These are very powerful dramatic images Ellen, I’m full of admiration. The way you’ve got the weathercock in the cloud gap is perfect! In my latest post I’ve quoted a comment from you and I hope that’s ok, it was just what I needed 😉

    1. Thanks, Liz, glad that you liked them! I was thinking of you and your weather vane posts when I saw that rooster up there!
      That is certainly ok, I’ll be off to read it in just a few!

      1. Ellen, it just happens I’ve challenged myself to do a “wind” poem and I wonder if you’d allow me to use the weathercock photo as the header image for my poem? I’d credit back as per usual.

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