Herd of Sheep


A low key stampede, but these sheep were on a mission.

As part of their Heritage Breeds program Middleton Place maintains a herd of Gulf Coast Sheep that roam the grounds freely during the day.

Herd of Sheep Herd of Sheep

Every afternoon the animal staff go through a process of securing the animals for the night.

Herd of Sheep Herd of Sheep – Getting Closer, Me not ready with 100-400 mm lens!

The sheep know the routine and easily headed towards their enclosure when it was their turn.

Herd of Sheep Herd of Sheep

They got a surprise when they got closer to their nighttime quarters and decided they would mill around rather than go by a pressure-washer that a worker had been using to clean fence that evidently hadn’t been there when they left that morning.

Herd of Sheep, Milling Around Herd of Sheep, Milling Around

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  1. LOL, I absolutely LOVE sheep Ellen so these were great fun! We saw herds of them in Australia and NZ and they were ALMOST my favorite thing – right after the koalas 😊. Do you suppose we could talk the park into bringing in a few of those LOL?

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