11 thoughts on “Eastern Pondhawk With Iris Background”

  1. That’s a stunning photo, Ellen, especially when you enlarge and it fills the screen. The greens in this dragonfly are really beautiful, and the Iris make a lovely contrasting backdrop.

  2. I love, love, love this shot, Ellen. You have elevated this female Easter Pondhawk, which I am sure is pretty common there, to another level with this delightful portrait. As I look at the areas that are in focus, I suspect that you took this with your macro lens. Whatever the case, the composition of the shot with the out-of-focus iris in the background was super.

    1. Thank you kindly, Mike, so glad that you loved it! As you know we sometimes are in the right spot and realize it!

      This was taken with my Canon 100-400mm at 312mm, f 5.6. And I only got two shots before he flew so didn’t get an opportunity to try additional settings.

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