15 thoughts on “Say Ahhh”

    1. They are quite interesting, and yes beautiful in their way. I’ve seen folks do some foolish things, and there have been a few fatalities in recent years. It is always the human’s fault.

      1. Oh I can believe that. I just watched a youtube where a baby bear was caught in a dumpster and the ranger knew the mother was a matter of feet away with her other cub, yet got out of his truck to open the top of the dumpster. Nuts! Darwin Awards candidates all of them.

    1. Thanks, Alice! Yes, that is Ravenswood Pond at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. They have 5 or 6 ramps in the pond to give the Alligators perches visible the nature trail.

    1. I’ve seen turtles climb all over an alligator to get the best sunny spot–they seem to have no idea of the risk! In truth they are pretty safe on the ramp, probably safer than in the water.

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