7 thoughts on “Little Blue Heron, Mangrove Swamp”

    1. Oh, that was close! It was a fun trip, and the Wild Life Drive had some variety. We went around Bio Lab road and only saw a few Vultures. We went to Vierra Wetland, too, which didn’t have the number of birds I’ve seen there before. We found out the day we were leaving that Orlando Wetlands was the place to be this year. Oh well.

      1. Yes!! Those are the three places when I go to that part of the state. In fact, I find the Orlando Wetlands is always a treasure. We tend to stay in a Titusville hotel off I-95, right next to the Cracker Barrel on Helen Hauser Road, and Orlando Wetlands is just 15 minutes down the road!

      2. LOL, we’ve stayed at a couple of hotels right there, the Marriott the last time. I don’t know how we missed knowing about Orlando Wetlands… another time for sure.

      3. I think I lived in Florida for several years before somebody mentioned Orlando Wetlands to me. And I had no idea it was that convenient to get to from our Merritt Island trips. Definitely worth it! They’ve been working for quite a while on a large new nature center, which promises to be a really nice addition.

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