12 thoughts on “Yellow Iris”

    1. Thank you, Mike, glad that it resonated with you. We stopped at a spot we’ve driven by dozens of times over the years with and without the iris in bloom and not turned back for. This time I was determined to stop when we came back by.

    1. Thanks, Donna!

      I found your comment in the “Pending” tab. I wonder if after one of your comments going to Sp#m you got unapproved. Or, have you changed the way you are commenting or your contact info?

      1. I found this message in the spam folder. I don’t know if making a name change makes you more suspect, LOL. Either way, once I’ve approved you it shouldn’t matter. I’m looking at this on my iPad, when I start my computer I’ll look at this in more detail and see if I can find any other indication of why this is happening.

      2. Aha, that was it. Previously I saw you as bayphotosbydonna. Now I see you as Bay Photos By Donna. WP was seeing you as a new commenter, so needed approval. At least that looks what the situation is. I’ll be checking these folders regularly for awhile.

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