Snake In A Tree, LR AI Denoise

This morning I finally updated Adobe Lightroom to Version 12.3  which includes the new AI denoise functions.

I had already processed the images for my recent snake post using Topaz Denoise, then tried them with the new Adobe function.

Processed with Topaz Denoise

Same image, using Lightroom Denoise first, then the same cropping and light adjustments. On this particular image I don’t see much difference in the bigger view.

Lightroom Enhanced Denoise

Cropped from the above images:

Process with Topaz Denoise, Cropped for closer look

However, when you zoom in to the snake details, there is some improvement.

Lightroom Enhanced Denoise, Cropped For Closer Look

I’m not sure how this is going to play out with my image processing flow. One plus to the Topaz version is the ability to batch process, which I have used a lot.

Audubon Center at Beidler Forest, Harleyville, SC
April 14, 2023

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  1. Looks like a cottonmouth. Very dangerous. We saw one at Cay Creek in Georgia last week but it was on the ground where its suppposed to be. These are great photos.

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