Classic Chrome

The sparkle and shine on a car can prove to be a photography problem, especially on a sunny day.  Reflections of the clouds, other passers by, and the photographer appear in every shiny detail.


The 2015 Middletown Cruise on Main was a great opportunity to learn how to navigate some of the challenges. Some photos with too much glare just can’t be corrected.


Leaning inside a car (NO TOUCHING ALLOWED) was one option, which is how I got this image that shouted out  “The Jetsons” to me. Their theme song is now stuck in my head along with a vision of George zooming home from Spacely Space Sprockets above the ground in his  aerocar.


Leaning in the open window also got me this fabulous console and the bonus fuzzy dice.


Sometimes the reflection makes an opportunity.


According to the Middletown Press thousands of spectators turned out to see the cars this gorgeous May evening. Going early turned out to be a great idea; the crowd thickened as darkness approached. I waited quite awhile to get this hood ornament.


This was a fun event that we’ll put on the calendar for next year.

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