Felis rufus

Or Lynx rufus depending on where you look. Evidently there had been debate over whether to classify the Bobcat as Lynx rufus or Felis rufus. National Geographic is using Felis rufus: National Bobcat Rescue
& Research uses Lynx rufus.

All wildlife resources describe Bobcats as nocturnal so I probably should have been even more surprised to see this one just after noon today. The sun highlighted his gorgeous coat.

Normally photos of wildlife from the rear aren’t worth sharing but this one clearly shows the distinctive white patches on the ears that are part of Bobcat identification.


I had thoughts of getting a little closer but less than 15 seconds after my first shot he disappeared into the underbrush. The red bar in the photo is the top of a gate to prevent vehicles from entering this trail.


Full view of the header photo:


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