End of the Day: Great Blue Herons

We visited the rookery just before the sun went down not knowing what to expect for Great Blue Heron activity. This pair was getting to know each other in the low light just after the male returned to the nest with a stick.

Great Blue Heron Pair

Their nest was well in the shade by this time and the light was going fast. I tried different white balance options during developing, wanting to keep the feather detail the clearest.

Despite their affectionate attentions they were still alert to their surroundings as a kerfuffle was going on in a nearby tree where other GBH, Cormorants, Great Egrets and some song birds were settling in.


When we left the male had flown off again; maybe there isn’t room for two in this nest for the night.


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Magnolia Plantation Rookery, Charleston, SC, 02/02/2017.

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