Great Blue Heron Chicks

The chicks have started to hatch and what a sight! These photographs are highly cropped and not the best quality due to the distance and small size of the chicks. Based on activity I have seen and other photographers’ observations these two might be three or four days old. Photos as they grow should be better!

A nest closer to the walk way also has two chicks that I could see. That pair was younger and much smaller so the photos I took may not amount to anything; I started with the best first.

The adult seemed content to bask in the late day sun as the little ones bounced around the nest. I am looking forward to documenting their growth.

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC.

4 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron Chicks”

    1. It is exciting to see their little heads pop up. I’m hoping the next time we go to get a better view. There is also a nest closer to the trail that a pair appears to be sitting on eggs.

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