Little Blue Heron Looking Around

It’s easy to overlook the Little Blue Herons around the swamp and pond right now with the flurry of Great Egret and Great Blue Heron mating and nest building going on. Occasionally one will land right in front of you, showing off the shimmery blue color.

This one was looking around, using these dead branches to get different views into the water.

Then just a short flying hop to the next vantage point, the Little Blues are just as graceful as the larger wading birds.

He finally waded into the water creating a nice reflection, but I never saw him even try to spear something to eat.

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Magnolia Plantation Audubon Swamp 3/3/2017.

6 thoughts on “Little Blue Heron Looking Around”

    1. They are agile, often looking like they will fall in. I recently watched a family watch an egret doing this…at first the kids were worried that the bird was going to get hurt then were mortified that it snatched a fish…ewwwww. Mom got the shot with the fish and was most pleased.

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