Great Egrets in Low Light

A group of about twenty Great Egrets have taken over an area of the Audubon Swamp recently cleared of invasive cattails and other weeds. Some have started nests and others are still concentrating on their flirting skills.

I got to this spot about a half hour before sundown when there wasn’t quite enough light for sharp shots at this distance. The favored trees where most of the Great Egret mating dance activity was going on are facing the other side of the open water with no human access points.

A few of the Egrets did stop and pose in clearer areas, before they looped around again to impress potential mates.

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Magnolia Plantation Audubon Swamp, 3/4/2017.

8 thoughts on “Great Egrets in Low Light”

    1. Thanks, Belinda. That dead tree is a great bird perch and I’ve seen everything from wrens to these egrets on it. It makes a lovely addition to a photo. It is out in the water which somewhat restricts the angle of shots but provides good distance from the trees behind it.

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