A Tree Full of Something

I often take shots of birds in the distance not knowing just what they are either due to distance or lighting. Zooming in on a shot in camera sometimes is enough to determine if getting closer is worth it and sometimes I find out what I thought was a bird is a stick or knot in a tree.

I was sure these were birds, but didn’t know what kind. The whole flocks was being quiet and very still. The overcast sky made it difficult to identify any markings from my initial sighting. The path was easy so I got closer and was delighted to see the yellow tail tips of Cedar Waxwings.

They were all quietly looking out over a pond, taking a break before initiating a feeding frenzy in a nearby tree with attractive red fruits.

A short while later they went back to resting. I was able to observe them from the other side of the tree, getting a marginally better lit shot.

Cedar Waxwing (Click image for larger view)

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