A Modest Start: Great Egrets Nest Building

The spot this Great Egret pair have chosen doesn’t look like much despite a lot of activity bringing and re-arranging sticks.

They have a ways to go before this will hold an egg. This may be why some Great Egrets will aggressively steal nests from other birds.

They spend a lot of time posturing and pushing. Other pairs that I have observed appear to be about the same size but the male of this couple is considerably larger, and pushier.

Every stick that comes to the site gets moved two or three times.

Time out for a few words then a quick trip for another stick.

These photographs were taken in the late morning with the sun behind the Great Egrets. This provided nice light through the wings but leaves their heads in shadow. Once again out in the pond would be the ideal place to stand.

Click on any photo for larger view.

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