Male Wood Duck

Wood Ducks in the Duck Weed

With very few ducks around to consume the Duck Weed it is covering a larger portion of Ravenswood Pond than a month ago. It gets moved around by the wind and concentrates at the edges where you can get the closest photographs of the Wood Ducks. On the plus side there is less glare.

Female Wood Duck
Female Wood Duck standing on submerged log – click photo for larger view

The female Wood Duck was taking a break from her chicks. They were sticking together and wasted no time moving away from perceived danger. Based on the ducklings size this could be the group that a few weeks ago numbered around a dozen, now down to five.

Wood Duck Ducklings
Wood Duck Ducklings – click photo for larger view

One male was at the other end of the pond where the duck weed pattern is different with large gaps out in the middle of the pond for a nice reflection. The water is deeper here–the larger alligators can swim without sticking out of the water.

Male Wood Duck
Male Wood Duck and reflection – click photo for larger view

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