White Ibis

Ibis Above

It can be disconcerting when a flock of wading birds lands in a tree over your head. Thoughts of getting pooped on come to mind, and as much as I’d hate to be the recipient of that I’d hate it to land on my camera even more.

White Ibis
White Ibis

This flock of six or eight White Ibis didn’t seem to be concerned about the few photographers standing below and provided some nice poses.

White Ibis
White Ibis

After awhile they took off one by one, and because they were so close to the trees there was no option for in flight photographs.

White Ibis
White Ibis

These were taken in the middle of February and just a few buds were starting to show on the trees.

10 thoughts on “Ibis Above”

  1. It’s interesting to me that your ibis have a full head of feathers. Ours, which look akin to Sacred Ibis, have a quite bald (black and pink) head and resemble high priests with dyspepsia.


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