Great Blue Heron Family

Count Them: Four!

Yes, there are four Great Blue Heron chicks in this nest. We watched a successful nest of three last year, and wondered if the smallest one was going to make it. He did. But four!

Great Blue Heron Family
Great Blue Heron Family – click image for larger view. There are two directly under the adult, one just to the left of the adult’s tail, and the last one is a little further left in the shadow.

Birds don’t worry about how their brood will get fed, but as these chicks grow the adults will really have to work hard to bring enough food. The adults don’t monitor who gets what; he who is pushiest gets the food.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron Adult looking back at nest

This is the same nest taken four days later. The chicks are standing up.

Great Blue Heron Family
Great Blue Heron Family

First two photos 3/31/2018
Last photo 4/03/2018

6 thoughts on “Count Them: Four!”

    1. It is cool and I’m constantly amazed that I get to watch them as they grow. It gets more interesting as they become more mobile, flapping their wings, and more aware of their surroundings. This is my second year observing the full cycle and I’m hoping the nest closer to the trail will have some chicks soon. Thanks!

    1. They do. You may remember last year’s nest with three that one was rather scrawny, but these four all seem to be the same size right now. Thanks, Belinda!

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