Green Heron

Green Heron Walking the Plank

We’ve had a tremendous amount of rain over the last month and the ponds are all full making wading for the short birds a little harder. A few trees have fallen into the water giving the Green Herons some nice hunting perches.

Green Heron
Green Heron

This Heron was trying to figure out to get down closer to the water, strutting along with great deliberation.

Green Heron
Green Heron

His strut gave me some nice views and when he actually got down to the water there were too many branches to get a shot.

Green Heron
Green Heron

4 thoughts on “Green Heron Walking the Plank”

    1. Thanks, Greta, and that would be a leg on a bird! I love to watch them slowly proceed, like they are thinking about every inch. I would love to send you the rain, I can hardly believe we are getting more as I type this. Being that dry is scary, on so many levels.

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