Wading Birds and Alligators

Lining the Banks

Wading birds and alligators gathered along this marsh inlet as the tide was going out.

Wading Birds and Alligators
Wading Birds and Alligators

The Snowy Egrets changed position frequently, they seem happiest when flapping around. The other egrets and herons tended to stick to their claimed spot, even as the alligators passed by.

Wading Birds Lining the Shore
Wading Birds Lining the Shore

Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Little Blue Heron, Tricolored Heron,  and White Ibis shared the banks.

2 thoughts on “Lining the Banks”

    1. The closest one is a juvenile White Ibis. There is another one that is a little older, more of his brown has changed to white, to the right of this bird, about in the middle of the photo.

      The other one is a Tricolored Heron. He’s facing away from the camera so it’s a little harder to tell without the head profile. You can see him (or a relative) in the second image, at the bottom, just right of center.

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