Juvenile Eagle, March 8

Twin Eagle Follow Up

On March 8th I walked by the nest featured in my March 3rd post:  It’s Twins, Eagles That Is!

I only saw one of the juveniles and didn’t spot an adult in the area. It’s a poor view and the lighting was bad. But it’s an Eagle!

Juvenile Eagle, March 8
Juvenile Eagle, March 8

On March 16th I went by and again only saw one juvenile. If anything, the lighting was worse. The trees around the pine are starting to leaf out making a clean view difficult.

Juvenile Eagle, March 16
Juvenile Eagle, March 16

One of the adults was perched on the other side of the nest. You can see the that the nest is big enough that the second juvenile could be there and not be seen.

Adult Bald Eagle on Nest
Adult Bald Eagle on Nest


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