Barred Owl, Bamboo Stand, After Rain

Barred Owl, Green Scene

The sun was peeking in and out after a heavy late afternoon downpour. The tree canopy has filled in over the small pond below this Barred Owl’s perch further limiting the light on this gorgeous emerald scene.

Barred Owl, Bamboo Stand, After Rain
Barred Owl, Bamboo Stand, After Rain

8 thoughts on “Barred Owl, Green Scene”

    1. Thank you, Rebecca, glad that you liked it. This one and a mate have come to this same space three years that I know of to raise a chick. We hear them in woods behind our house, too, but have not seen one—yet!

  1. Striking deep, warm colors!
    I love the placement of the subject at the side of the frame.
    It’s like being there!


    1. Thank you, Paz, having you be there was what I was going for! We are surrounded by a very richly green right now as result of copious amounts of rain.

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