Photographing an Alligator Crossing the Road

A Rare Sighting

of the photographer.

This image goes with Ted’s post at TPJ Photo, Mud Gator, which could have been titled “Why Did The Alligator Cross the Road?”

I digress. Ted and I have pretty much given up on alerting the other to photography opportunities when we are out but I turned when I heard him call my name. This is what I saw:

Photographing an Alligator Crossing the Road
Ted Photographing an Alligator Crossing the Road

8 thoughts on “A Rare Sighting”

  1. I think it was more interesting to see Ted than the gator! lol. Sometimes it is nice to get a glimpse of the photographer behind the photos! Willaim

  2. On Tim Allen’s TV Show, there was a neighbor named Wilson whose face was always obscured by the fence up to his eyes.


  3. That is so cool Ellen, I saw your opening sentence first and I knew you just spotted a Ted on the trail. πŸ™‚ A rare sighting, πŸ™‚ that is so cute. I was walking a trail like that when I was in Florida, and there were signs saying alligators. I was wondering if they would just come out of the brush like that, I don’t know anything about them. If they would come out and bite you. We did not see any that day though.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I don’t post people much but this was too good to pass up. Alligators will come out like that, and always pays to be mindful of the surroundings. This one was crossing the road from a tidal creek at its low ebb to a pond on the other side. They would not just come along and bite you, though…they want distance from humans more than humans want it. Poor human behavior is generally the start of any incident with a bad outcome.

      1. Thank you for that information. I have actually never seen a live alligator either. We like going to Florida in the winters. Have a great day Ellen.

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