Eastern Pondhawk

Eastern Pondhawk on Diagonal

I took these two images on different days, but not far from each other in June of 2019.

Eastern Pondhawk
Eastern Pondhawk over dried reeds

Both dragonflies lined up with the leaf to land, but the second one seems more at rest, with his whole body settled.

Eastern Pondhawk
Eastern Pondhawk, over duck weed covered water

12 thoughts on “Eastern Pondhawk on Diagonal”

  1. Beautiful shots, Ellen. I especially like the background in the second image–the duckweed provides a little bit of texture without being at all distracting.

    1. Thanks, Mike. Taking them from this boardwalk provides something of a blind but often limits the angle you can get—worked out well especially for the second one.

      1. The advantage of the boardwalk too is that you have steady footing even if, as you note, it limits your angle of view.

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