Peacock Strutting

Strutting Peacock

Peacocks roam free at Magnolia Gardens as well as Middleton Place that I featured last week. On a recent visit this one was entertaining visitors showing off all of his glorious colors.

Peacock Strutting
Peacock Strutting

Using a small grassy area bordered with flowers as a stage he preformed a dance that was very elaborate, turning in full circles then reversing. If he was trying to impress a peahen it didn’t work as there weren’t any in sight. I was impressed though.

Peacock Strutting
Peacock Strutting

20 thoughts on “Strutting Peacock”

  1. Had a neighbour thought peacocks would be a good idea. Almost ended in fisticuffs. Screams at all hours, and perching on my rainwater collection roof.

    Good looking bird menace in the wrong setting.

    Nice pics, though Ellen.

      1. I swear I was ready to do injury to the neighbor. Bit of a nut case with a temper. In the end after 5 yrs of stink in the idyll we moved.

        Better now.

    1. Thanks, Donna! You can’t help but watch them. I also saw what I thought was a younger one, at least a downsized version. I guess they work up to it.

    1. Being tired and in a hurry I was going to give the enlarged view a miss but your comment made me take a look and its beautiful, the colours are magic like in stained glass! Glad I didn’t miss that view, thanks Pete!

    2. Thanks, Pete! Glad you liked that. Even on that dull day those colors were amazing and the bird was in constant motion, almost like a fashion show model.

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