Bald Eagle Pair in Tree

Eagles Have Returned

After only a few sightings over the summer, I’ve seen quite a few Bald Eagles in the last few weeks. This pair was watching a pond below them.

Bald Eagle Pair in Tree
Bald Eagle Pair in Tree

My walking route took me past a nest I know Eagles  used last mating season and I wondered if I could even see it. The last time I passed by here the foliage on the lower trees was too thick to get a clear view. Since then a few leaves have dropped, vines have drooped and fortuitously the late afternoon was shining through a gap in the trees, spotlighting the nest.

Eagle's Nest, Resting
Eagle’s Nest, Resting

You can visit my post It’s Twins, Eagles That Is! for some views of the nest in use last winter.

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