Kingfisher on Trunk

Kingfisher Eludes Me

Acutally, he flew almost into me as I was watching a Great Blue Heron standing at a water trunk. We both jumped and he made a speedy exit to this tree top down the trail.

Treetop Kingfisher
Treetop Kingfisher

I inched my way along the trail towards the tree, the Kingfisher zipped back to the spot he originally wanted on the trunk.  This gave him a close view of the Ashley River just beyond the trunk and the rice field pond that now was between us.

Kingfisher on Trunk
Kingfisher on Trunk

3 thoughts on “Kingfisher Eludes Me”

  1. How fun is that, these are such a cool bird. I love the second photo, that fence alone in the tall grass with the Kingfisher on it, perfect photo, that would be a great cover shot for a magazine.

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