Purple Skimmer

Purple Skimmer

Last week I spotted Purple Skimmers preforming their namesake behavior over a pond. There was a good supply of mosquitoes to keep them occupied.

Purple Skimmer
Purple Skimmer Dragonfly

I don’t recall seeing this species before but in typical dragonfly behavior they taunted me to get an inflight shot.

Purple Skimmer
Purple Skimmer

I was not successful as each spot they hovered had a vegetation obstruction or I was just too slow. Fortunately they took frequent breaks.

Purple Skimmer
Purple Skimmer

14 thoughts on “Purple Skimmer”

  1. That is sure a spectacularly-colored dragonfly, Ellen. I am not familiar with Purple Skimmers, which do not exist in our area, but this hot pink color brings to mind a Roseate Skimmer, a species that is occasionally seen here, but is more of a southern species. My dragonfly identification book shows the range of the Purple Skimmer to be limited to a few areas in Florida, so I am wondering if your beautiful dragonfly might in fact be a Roseate Skimmer, which would be a good match for your Roseate Spoonbills.

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    1. I did not find the Roseate when I was searching online, Mike, but that sure is possible. And of course I love that name 😉.

      We haven’t had anything close to a frost yet, 55 about the lowest, and there is still a lot of insect activity. Interestingly I saw one of these skimmers in our back yard a couple days after these images. I didn’t get the camera thinking he would be gone, but now wish I had given it a try.


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