Rainbow From Magnolia Rice Pond

Rainbow Leading to the Trunk

I got a little wet walking around the old rice field pond and then was treated to a rainbow. I didn’t see the second, fainter rainbow until I was developing the images.

Double Rainbow Over Ashley River
Double Rainbow Over Ashley River

The sun came out, I continued on then another shower, another rainbow. The sun nicely lit the trunk that connects the pond to the Ashly River.

Rainbow From Magnolia Rice Pond
Rainbow From Magnolia Rice Pond

November 6. 2020
Magnolia Plantation Rice Field Pond, Charleston, SC

From the SC Encyclopedia:  scencyclopedia.org/

Rice trunks are wooden sluices installed in “banks” or dikes of rice fields for irrigation or flood control. They are long, narrow, wooden boxes made of thick planks, and each has a door at each end. Hung on uprights, the swinging doors, called gates, may be raised or lowered to drain or flood a field.

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      1. Oh yes, I do! There are excellent nature photographers who share photos and video-clips on twitter. It’s also good for keeping up with current events with people sharing articles or video footage I wouldn’t see otherwise e.g. I’ve learned more about the US from Black and Native American perspectives.

      2. That’s interesting about the news and varying perspectives, thanks for your input. I do make an effort to get news from a variety of sources while staying away from the barrage of negativity that seems so pervasive, at least here.

    1. Thanks, Donna!
      Yup, that was pretty funny!
      I was pretty happy I didn’t get drenched, a couple miles from the closest shelter and only enough plastic with me for the camera!

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