Black-crowned Night-Herons In Tree

Black-crowned Night-heron Gathering

A flock of Black-crowned Night-Herons have been roosting around the big pond at Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery.

 Black-crowned Night-Herons In Tree
Black-crowned Night-Herons In Tree

Every time someone walked underneath them, or sometimes for no apparent reason, they flew off.

Black-crowned Night-Heron Flying By
Black-crowned Night-Heron Flying By, Young Adult based on darker under wing color

A few minutes later they would fly back in ones and twos, putting on quite a show.

Black-crowned Night-Herons Flying By
Black-crowned Night-Herons Flying By, Adult on left, Juvenile on right

I’ve seen a few Black-crowned Night-Herons in this location before, but on Sunday estimated at least 30 to 40 birds. There may have been more that just staying tucked into the trees.

Black-crowned Night-Herons Flying Off
Black-crowned Night-Herons Flying Off

14 thoughts on “Black-crowned Night-heron Gathering”

      1. This is a bird that I’ve never seen out in nature. Seeing this many would be awesome. Thanks for sharing your photos!

      2. From the All About Birds range map it looks like they’d just be migrants through your area, so it could happen!

        This sure was treat, glad that you liked them, Rebecca.

    1. It was quite something, and I’m sure there were many more tucked into those trees that I couldn’t see. They had to be comfortable there as they kept circling back every time they got startled off.

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