7 thoughts on “Green Grasshopper, Foreshadowing”

  1. I love the beautiful greens of this image, Ellen. The grasshopper was a good match color-wise for the vegetation, but your wonderful shot captured the texture of its body really well, which helps to separate the grasshopper from the background.

      1. Ah, you have revealed your secret, Ellen. Are you shooting mostly handheld with the 180mm lens or are you using the tripod a lot?

      2. Got me! This was the first time I tried the tripod with this lens. I wanted to get down lower for the Tree Frog and my hip just wasn’t letting me bend. (Ugg!)
        After that I saw the hibiscus, and then the grasshopper… it was really a bonus morning on the patio.
        My hip is better today and we went to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens for a short walk about this morning. I took just the 180mm and handheld, but stayed upright so as not to end up in a heap.

      3. On occasion I will use my 180mm lens with a monopod, as I did recently on my trip to the aquatic garden, but have not had it on a tripod in quite some time. I used to think it was heavy, but compared with my 150-600mm zoom lens, it is a lightweight.

      4. I went through a spell using a monopod when I first started doing a lot of wading birds but prefer handheld.
        The 180mm is lighter than my 100-400mm lens, too. Have you stopped trying to zoom with the prime lens? I find myself trying to twist it when what I need to do is move my feet!

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