12 thoughts on “Halloween Pennant, In A Breeze”

  1. Ellen, I love the one with the wings outspread. I’ve saved a 900px-wide 96dpi version on my ‘puter and wondered if you’d allow me to email it to a friend as a “Hang in there” encouragement?

      1. Thanks so much Ellen! I’m sending it to the bishop whose posts I’ve sometimes shared on my blog, in the state of LA, imagine what that must be like 🙁

      2. You are welcome, Liz, any time! Sadly I can imagine, the news is very grim there right now and I’m sure there will be many more deaths that could have been prevented.

  2. The Halloween Pennant is one of the most spectacular species that I get to photograph. The last shot is really striking with the view of the fully outstretched wings.

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