9 thoughts on “Great Blue Skimmer on Swamp Lily”

    1. Thanks, Belinda! Ted was ahead of me on the trail and the dragonfly landed just as he passed the flower, fortunate for me! The dragonfly flew off when I tried to get closer so I followed your rule of waiting to see if he would re-perch in the same spot, but away he went out of my sight 😀.

  1. Beautiful shot, Ellen. I love it when a dragonfly perches on a flower. (FYI, I am pretty sure this is a male Blue Dasher–the stripes on the thorax are much more indicative of a Blue Dasher than a Great Blue Skimmer).

    1. Thanks, Mike. It was quite serendipitous and I was happy to take advantage. I had both the Tamron 180mm and the Canon 100-400mm with me, the 100-400 was in my hand so that’s what I used. I tried to stealthily switch after a few shots and away he went, not to return.
      I see it now, Mike, thank you. The white look of the face pushed me to the Skimmer. Not the first time 🙃.

      1. I hope you don’t mind when I jump in with info on a dragonfly identification, Ellen. I have the advantage of a whole lot of years of focusing on dragonflies. 🙂

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