White Ibis Feeding

White Ibis, Late Afternoon Feeding

The sun was low in the sky and cast a bright light on a small group of feeding White Ibis.

White Ibis
White Ibis and his shadow

A few swamp sunflowers decorated their feeding area.

White Ibis Feeding
White Ibis Feeding

Ibis stay amazingly clean as they probe the mud.

White Ibis Feeding
White Ibis Feeding

Only his beak showed any sign of the local conditions.

White Ibis Feeding
White Ibis Feeding

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, SC
October 12, 2021

9 thoughts on “White Ibis, Late Afternoon Feeding”

  1. Gorgeous birds and they shine so bright against the dark background.

    Egypt’s queen
    shines white, still in the water
    day’s bright moon.

  2. Question: could I please use that last image for a haiga (haiku with image) (with your attribution of course) for a contest I’m entering?

    1. Yes, you may use the White Ibis image, msjadeli. Thank you for asking.

      I occasionally come up with a haiku, but haiga was not something I was familiar with. I’d be interested to see it when you are finished.

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