2 thoughts on “Dragonflies on Sparkle”

  1. I love that you are seeing dragonflies, Ellen. In case you are curious, the first one with the green face looks like a male Eastern Pondhawk and the other two look like male Blue Dashers. I like the industrial look of the rebar in the final shot (though normally I prefer natural over manmade settings).

    1. Thanks, Mike, and thanks for the IDs. I’m no more confident than I was last year on IDing them and didn’t take the time to get out my book.
      I hope it is just natural variation, but it seems to me there are less dragonflies and butterflies in places I’ve been out so far this year. It also seems to be windy every time, too, which may be a factor.
      I prefer the natural, too, but the simplicity of the rebar helps.

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