Great Blue Skimmer

Great Blue Skimmer, Modeling

Great Blue Skimmers have returned to my back yard this year. My patio flowers aren’t nearly as plentiful or colorful as what I had for last year’s visitors.

Great Blue Skimmer
Great Blue Skimmer on dried Texas Star Hibiscus stalk

The dragonflies like to perch on dried stalks and plant stakes.

Great Blue Skimmer
Great Blue Skimmer, Looking Up

This one let me maneuver around until I had him lined up with a tiny bloom of a purple salvia that provided a bit of accent in the background.

Great Blue Skimmer
Great Blue Skimmer

July 2, 2022

7 thoughts on “Great Blue Skimmer, Modeling”

  1. Especially love your first pic with the dragonfly grabbing the top of the stem, great to see the detail of that! I also checked last year’s post again.. you’ve succeeded in getting beautiful photos!

    1. Glad to know you liked seeing the stem, it dried in a neat form. I’m glad I didn’t cut it off. Thanks for looking back and your kind comments!

  2. Beautiful shots, Ellen, of this female Great Blue Skimmer. I love that you were able to get the extra pop of color from the salvia in the final two photos.

    1. Thanks, Mike, it was fun getting the dragonfly lined up. Banking on the dragonfly returning to the same spot I got a step stool out to get a better angle 📐.

      1. I like the step stool approach, though I have used one for photography only once when we went to a sunflower field and I wanted some additional height.

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